recensione a Gerardo Scoppetta da Demos  - professione Consulente Industriale

The moon, the procession of the stars, the saltiness, the horizons, are the splendid scenery that frames the notes that glide slowly through the nights, (like shooting stars or soap bubbles) is a master, a little magician, he captures them and directs everything: serious, absorbed, enchanted by himself, almost detached from everything and intent on creating melodies that go beyond words, vibrations of the soul, intense, sometimes too much to hurt you ... they talk to you about love and I ... start dreaming again. Thanks 🙂


recensione a Gerardo Scoppetta da Demos  - professione Consulente Industriale

The sun went down into the sea surrounded by its fiery red cape, the cicadas are finishing the last melodies of the day. From there shy piano notes, first light and calm and then grow gently in the night and caress the beautiful evenings at the Tremiti islands. Also this year the miracles of the sounds to the moon are accomplished..


recensione a Gerardo Scoppetta da Demos  - professione Consulente Industriale

I was able to evaluate an extraordinary professionalism combined with a very rare musical talent, both as a pianist and as an interpreter. In addition to the artistic side there is also a human side of considerable thickness. I am glad to have been your listener. Gerardo thanks for your music.


recensione a Gerardo Scoppetta da R. AnnaMaria di Rimini - professione Operatrice Sociale

Background music ... beautiful, pieces known but rendered by I don't know that more beautiful! Gerardo Scoppetta arrives, sits on the keyboard and his hands move as if they were possessed by who knows what soul. I realize that my mouth is open and my mouth is wide open and I feel a sense of wonderful fulfillment inside !!! I thought the evening would go on like this and I was happy, but surprisingly, he starts singing, sings various genres: Dalla, Battisti, Daniele, Zarrillo, Cocciante, De Crescenzo and others .. followed by very famous American songs singing and playing them in its own way, its persuasive, sweet, powerful voice is perfectly in tune. Each song tells it to us right down to the heart, some songs that I already listened to because they were catchy, Gerardo made them seem to me poems, wonderful poems. After listening to his music I feel richer inside and more aware of some artists that I listened to but didn't understand. Gerardo Scoppetta you are very good, a complete musician, also author of his music and a powerful performer and not a blah blah blah ... Thanks for meeting you and I know that from now on I will not lose you, indeed we will not lose you, because as you are, you will go up, you will go up, you will go up to a distant point…. Thank you so much. AnnaMaria


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da A. Maria di Roma - professione pensionata

I have appreciated him since last year because I find in her a very sensitive, captivating person who knows how to combine his skill as a musician and singer with the ability to involve all of us in listening with interest and participation, also awakening memories of the past.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Anna Paris di Milano - professione Insegnante

with his music he made me dream. Very good!

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Tiziano Ambrosini - professione Impiegato

I found his music exciting. It is a varied music that ranges from Blues to jazz to classical passing through Rock and pop.

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Anna Tessa - città Seravezza (LU) professione Insegnante

with great pleasure I appreciated his soft voice and the surprising vocal extension. I like his repertoire ranging from classical and immortal songs to jazz.

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Francesco Rigobello di Trieste - professione: Musicista in pensione

I admired your great passion in the voice of the heart, in the great humility of a gift rich in extraordinary preparation and a clean, polyphonic piano technique with touch and intelligent interventions; bright and persuasive your compositions without singing. Sorry to hear you little. I will happily hear your new cd.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Maria Stella di Roma - professione: Impiegata

not only sings: he lives the music he plays and the lyrics he interprets with passion and dedication, listening, in turn, to the requests and wishes of the public in front of him. From the two plays that come together a delicate but intense musical moment is born.

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Gianni semproni di Pescara- professione Medico

It is night and in this timeless screen, where the moon filters through the needles of the highest branches of the pines, I am sitting by the pool. And here the music starts and Gerrix's voice begins to spread, always the same and always different to interpret timeless classics, songs from the legendary 70-80s that I always love with the same love without nostalgia and then, every year, there is a surprise: this year also little-known pieces by Dalla and De Crescenzo, delicate, intelligent, deep interpreted with passion and feeling that have excited me. Thanks Gerrix, you are one of the reasons I come back every year to this paradise

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Barbara Bizzi di Milano - professione: Gallerista

I found a rare musician with an uncommon sensitivity able to excite me and bring me back to distant moments of my past. a man, a poet. Thanks Gerrix.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Elia di Modena - professione Top Manager & direttrice Museale

I loved it! Serious professional and available to satisfy all kinds of musical requests. it was a pleasant and fun evening for the whole group I was part of. Compliments

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Pio Fumo di Roma - professione: Professore

I received a series of emotions for his main talent as a pianist, but also for his singing skills. Gerrix knows how to mix her sounds, emitted by her instrument, with her voice with rare skill, in the Neapolitan taste of the presence of fate, reconcilable only with the myth.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Ferdinando di Bari - professione Pediatra

immediate was the perception that music and Gerry or Gerry and music are a perfect combination. His musical arrangements personalize the songs he interprets very well

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Gino di Taranto - professione: FF.AA.

nothing has changed after 4 years, you are always the number one ... with the best wishes we hope to hear you back in the future. Gino and Annarita.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Maggi G. di Bari - professione: Ingegnere

during my stay at Domina Home Kyrie from 15.06 to 22.06 2013 I had the opportunity to appreciate her evening performances, notable for variety, musicality: in a word capable of arousing emotions. Gaetano Maggi.

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Onofrio di Bari - professione: Agente Commercio

124/5000 convinced me for the professionalism A modern swing. The choice of songs is very accurate and varied. See you soon. Onofrio.


recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Gloria Gavioli di Costa Rica - professione Hotelera

I liked it a lot, I was impressed by his skill above all because he doesn't look at a score but he really plays with the heart always adding something of his to already famous songs even managing to make them better than the original versions

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Stefania di Roma - professione: pensionata

I was surprised by his professionalism; which, combined with a warm and full voice and, above all, a deeply Neapolitan soul, makes listening to his varied musical interpretations very pleasant. Good boy!

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Stefano Carpi di Roma - professione:

there are people who, with a strange alchemy, combine technique with passion and, with a little magic, transform time and space by filling it with music. They are called artists and Gerrix is one of them!

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Dario Marchiori di Canton (Guangzhou) CINA - professione: Insegnante

Bravo Gerrix, you are good at singing, you are good at playing and you are also nice. Thank you. Dario

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Arianna di Roma - professione

I followed his music with lively and pleasant interest. He manages to convey intense sensations also regarding the music of the past, interpreted with remarkable sentiment. He is a musician that I hope to hear again.

recensione a Gerrix Scoppetta da Francesco pazienza di Bari - professione: Consulente

in his performances he puts the passion of those who love music deeply. It manages to transmit strong emotions with naturalness and simplicity. Good boy!!!!!!

Mi sono emozionata. La tua musica fa vibrare le corde dell'anima. Mi hai trasmesso la tua passione.

I got excited. Your music vibrates the strings of the soul. You sent me your passion.


Ho perso il tempo. Le note scivolano in un armonia dolcissima. Jazz, blues, classica ecc. non hanno confini. Tutto in un mix Love si fondono dolcezza e rabbia musicale in un equilibrio tecnico perfetto.

I have wasted time. The notes slide into a very sweet harmony. Jazz, blues, classical etc. they have no boundaries. Everything in a Love mix blends sweetness and musical anger in a perfect technical balance.

mi é piaciuto in particolare l'arrangiamento jazz di molti brani. Ho molto apprezzato i brani classici per la loro presentazione tranquilla. Il repertorio dell origini, quello napoletano, é rivisitato in chiave moderna senza perdere il senso originale.

I especially liked the jazz arrangement of many songs. I really appreciated the classic songs for their quiet presentation. The repertoire of the origins, the Neapolitan one, is revisited in a modern key without losing its original sense.

Potrei dire molto e sembrerei banale. Quindi: ospite del Domina ho frequentato il Royal per la SPA, ove ho ascoltato il maestro che si esibiva nella Hall.... la conclusione...

I could say a lot and I would seem trivial. So: guest of the Domina I attended the Royal for the SPA, where I listened to the master who was performing in the Hall…. the conclusion… gerry the mountain, the other ... the mouse.

Ho assaporato il piacere e l'entusiasmo della musica! Complimenti per il talento e la professionalità.

I savored the pleasure and enthusiasm of music! Congratulations on your talent and professionalism.

Ho apprezzato la sua capacità di trasmettere emozioni.

I appreciated his ability to convey emotions.

Devo dire che la sua musica é arrivata nel mio cuore e nella mia anima. Grazie per le belle emozioni che mi hai dato.

I must say that his music has arrived in my heart and soul. Thanks for the nice emotions you gave me.

ne ho apprezzato la bravura e il suo entusiasmo pianistico. Ho avuto, inoltre, il piacere di conversare con lui e posso affermare che, oltre la capacità professionale la preparazione musicale e una notevole cultura generale.

I appreciated his skill and his piano enthusiasm. I also had the pleasure of conversing with him and I can say that, in addition to his professional ability, his musical preparation and a remarkable general culture

Ho trovato una persona molto preparata e capace di trasferire entusiasmo creando delle piacevoli serate. Ottima la sua conoscenza musicale.

I found a person very prepared and able to transfer enthusiasm by creating pleasant evenings. Excellent his musical knowledge.

Mi è piaciuto tantissimo, mi ha colpito la sua bravura soprattutto perché non guarda uno spartito ma suona veramente con il cuore aggiungendo sempre qualcosa di suo a canzoni già famose riuscendo addirittura a renderle migliori delle versioni originali.

I loved it, I was struck by his skill above all because he doesn't look at a score but he really plays with the heart always adding something of his to already famous songs, even managing to make them better than the original versions.

Mi ha aperto il cuore, da tanto tempo chiuso e nascosto, la sua musica, la sua voce, mi sono entrate dentro come una mano, e mi hanno invitato a tornare verso me stessa. E' gioia e dolore - Grazie

It opened my heart, long closed and hidden, its music, its voice, they entered me like a hand, and invited me to go back to myself. It is joy and pain - Thanks

Tremiti é il canto del vento, il grido di uccelli, il rumore delle onde. Tremiti é il dilagare assoluto di verde e di azzurro. Tremiti é la quiete della sera quando nel profumo dell'aria si insinuano le note di un pianoforte che le mani leggere, scosse sapienti di Gerry, liberano, cancellano i pensieri, prendendoti il cuore, regalandoti emozioni e attimi indimenticabili.

Tremiti is the song of the wind, the cry of birds, the sound of the waves. Tremiti is the absolute spread of green and blue. Tremiti is the quiet of the evening when in the scent of the air the notes of a piano creep in which the light hands, expert shakes of Gerry, free, erase thoughts, taking your heart, giving you unforgettable emotions and moments.


ho trovato nel suo appuntamento della sera (22-24) il motivo principale per rimanere incollato alla splendida cornice della piscina del "Kyrie" anche nella finestra del dopo-cena Gerry ti induce alle due chiacchiere proverbiali tra amici con un delicato assortimento iniziale di musica suonata, poi ti scalda con una progressiva interlocuzione artista- pubblico che sprona anche i più riservati ad entrare nell'atmosfera della serata - piccoli comunicati, richieste di canzoni, illustrazione di piccoli aneddoti storici e musicali sull'isola e sugli artisti che l'hanno resa magica, battute raffinate in punta di piedi e infine ti fa sentire parte principale del suo show, invertendo i ruoli senza che ci si rende conto, rendendo ogni ospite/comproprietario il vero protagonista della serata. Vi sembra poco? Allora provate a conoscerlo lontano dalla tastiera e dalle luci della ribalta: persona sensibile, affettuosa, gioiosa, eclettica e... da conoscere, insomma!

I found in his evening appointment (22-24) the main reason to stay glued to the splendid setting of the "Kyrie" swimming pool even in the after-dinner window Gerry leads you to the two proverbial chatter with friends with a delicate initial assortment of music played, then warms you up with a progressive artist-audience interlocution that spurs even the most reserved to enter the atmosphere of the evening - small press releases, requests for songs, illustration of small historical and musical anecdotes on the island and the artists who have it magical rendition, refined jokes on tiptoe and finally makes you feel the main part of his show, reversing the roles without realizing it, making each guest / co-owner the true protagonist of the evening. Does it seem little to you? Then try to get to know him far from the keyboard and from the limelight: sensitive, affectionate, joyful, eclectic and ... to know, in short!

La sua musica, la sua voce sono un tutto uno con le isole ....Poesia, semplicità e tanta tanta verità!! Un ottimo musicista - Una persona vera!. Grazie.

His music, his voice are all one with the islands .... Poetry, simplicity and a lot of truth! A great musician - A real person !. Thanks.

Ho scoperto un artista versatile, capace, intenso. Soprattutto un uomo profondo e sincero, Quando affronta un pezzo, non ci mette maniera, ma sempre il cuore. Per questo, le emozioni arrivano. Grazie Gerrix.

I discovered a versatile, capable, intense artist. Above all, a deep and sincere man. When he faces a piece, he does not put his way, but always his heart. For this, emotions come. Thanks Gerrix..

Il tuo repertorio è fantastico! Con la tua musica e la tua voce sono tornato indietro negli anni. Sei riuscito a farmi sognare. Grazie. Roberto.

Your repertoire is fantastic! With your music and your voice I have gone back over the years. You managed to make me dream. Thank you. Roberto.

Nel silenzio delle sere, dopo una giornata di sole e mare, la sua musica e la sua voce ci coccolava e allietava e rendeva tutto ancora più stupendo. Grazie Gerrix per le bellissime serate trascorse insieme... a presto. Ersilia

In the silence of the evenings, after a day of sun and sea, his music and his voice cuddled and cheered us up and made everything even more wonderful. Thanks Gerrix for the wonderful evenings spent together ... see you soon. Ersilia

E' approdata alle Tremiti ... l'ultima "Diomedea" ... voce struggente, unica... Gerry

The last "Diomedea" has landed in the Tremiti ... heartbreaking, unique voice ... Gerry

Sono rimasto colpito dalla vastità del suo repertorio, che spazia dal pezzo regionale, al miglior catalogo italiano, fino agli standard Internazionali. Ma ciò che lo contraddistingue - virtù rara dopo tanti anni di professione - è l'intensità delle sue interpretazioni, unita all'emozione che trasmette e condivide con il pubblico

I was struck by the vastness of his repertoire, which ranges from the regional piece, to the best Italian catalog, up to International standards. But what sets him apart - a rare virtue after so many years of profession - is the intensity of his interpretations, combined with the emotion that he transmits and shares with the public.

Il cuore riprende vita, vibrazioni dimenticate ritornano a tracciare strade antiche

The heart comes to life, forgotten vibrations return to trace ancient roads

Mi ha emozionato subito! E' veramente un artista completo. Puoi ascoltarlo tutta la sera senza stancarti mai. Grazie Gerry per averci fatto trascorrere delle piacevolissime serate.

It moved me immediately! He is truly a complete artist. You can listen to it all evening without ever getting tired. Thanks Gerry for letting us spend some very pleasant evenings.